Engineering Graphics Solution

Engineering Graphics Solution

CAD/CAE Solutions

View and Plot CGM, TIFF.., Convert for archiving, Screen Capture and Video Clips for your documentation and presentations and much more. EasyCopy…

GeoScience Graphics Solution

GeoScience Graphics Solution

Geo Solutions

Seismic CGM, Maps, Logs... constantly need to be viewed, plotted, edited, interpreted and presented. Your graphics needs are very specialized. EasyCopy…

Life Science Graphics Solution

Life Science Graphics Solution

Life Science Solutions

Make data and archiving more informative with annotation and animation and get the Dicom format well supported with the JPEG Pro toolkit …

Latest News:

EasyCore 1.0.17 in beta April 15, 2014

Please request  to Subscribe for EasyCore News and let us know if you are interested in being a beta tester. We have already seen a great interest in our new core description tool , EasyCore and we can´t wait to get it released and to help you get high quality core descriptions in a smooth an easy way. Join us.

EasyCopy 9.0.16 has been released April 4, 2014

EasyCopy 9.0 has got layers and multi-page support and a brand new and modern ribbon interface - We can´t wait to get you on board. Go to the Subscriber Section for further details about each build.

EasyCopy in Middle East -  May 2013

With a background as geologist Mohamed Elshemy provides first class English and Arabic sales and support for exploration companies in The Middle East.

EasyCopy in Houston - March 01, 2013

The EasyCopy Company and AGI is now present in Houston. Having a local representation we are looking forward to giving all our customers in the southwest the best possible attention and we are welcoming Leslie Friedrich in the Houston EasyCopy team.

Visit the EasyCopy Booth 172 at GEO 2014

We are looking forward to meet our current and future customers at the GEO 2014 Conference and Exhibition in Bahrain 10-12 March 2014, Booth 172

We are looking forward to presenting our new Core Description solution at the AAPG 2014, in Houston 6-9 April,  Booth 2525



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