EasyView CGM

EasyView-CGM is a very robust and compatiple CGM viewer, build on the well known EasyCopy CGM solution.

  • EasyView-CGM supports Seismic CGM, CGM+, Cleartext CGM and is used in many large, medium and small size Oil exploration companies all over the world.
  • EasyView-CGM provides the best zoom and pan functionality, which makes it very easy to navigate in large files.
  • EasyView-CGM offers a clear and sharp preview of even very large files, which makes it very easy for you to recognize and select the file of interest.

EasyView-CGM has been voted as the best CATIA compliant CGM solution on the market.

  • EasyView-CGM is compatiple with CATIA and the best CATIA compliant  CGM solution on the market and provides  accurate line styles, which is very crucial for the aerospace industry
  • EasyView-CGM supports the the ATA profile

EasyView-CGM is the perfect companion for The EasyCopy Graphics Suite

  • EasyView-CGM is the perfect companion for The EasyCopy Graphics Suite
  • A combination of different EasyCopy products will allow you to tailor the EasyCopy solutions to fit your special corporate needs also outside the main target audience.

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