Academic Projects using EasyCore for

Core Descriptions, Outcrops etc.

We are pleased to link to sedimentological or other depth registered projects involving EasyCore and EasyCopy and to provide a forum for inspiration in academic circles.

Whether it is non-commercial research, Master or PhD thesis, we like to share published documents, web links etc. We look forward to receiving information from you and to adding your project to this page.

Quotes from student from UT in Austin September 2018:

"A whole new world opened up to me, now I'll have time to watch Game of Thrones" :-)

Academic Usage Reports

NihK, NLWKN, Senckenberg am Meer, Uni Köln, Universität Bremen:WASA Project_EasyCore

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University Statements

ConocoPhillips School of Geology and Geophysics:

"I would just like to say we would be very excited to have Easy Core showcase their product for our students.  It is great exposure to a fabulous resource that you have generously licensed to our department, and also sets our students up for success in their research today and as they they enter into the work force."

Carl Symcox, Ph.D. Student, OU, President, OU AAPG


Royal Holloway University of London, Department of Earth Science

"I have now finished the MSc Petroleum Geoscience programme culminating in a symposium held at Royal Holloway University of London in early September, 2018. I really wanted to make time to communicate my sincerest gratitude for your kind software donation. The use of EasyCore was tremendously helpful with efficiently making core descriptions and was very effective when integrating wireline, special core analysis and SWC data toward an interpretation of the field studied for my thesis.

The core studies were critical component of the study and without access to the physical core itself, this element would would have a great deal less practicable without the support of EasyCore, so thank you kindly once again"

Benjamin Panting,  MSc Petroleum Geoscientist


RWTH -Aachen University

“Research in geosciences oftentimes encompasses large amounts of different datasets which have to be integrated and displayed in a comprehensive way to be understood. EasyCore offers the possibility to visualize core data in a timely fashion, while also being user-friendly. It is a valuable resource in our department and used within research as well as teaching. New students learn to work with EasyCore quickly, thereby unburdening supervisors which might otherwise spend considerable amounts of time teaching software rather than geology. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with EasyCore under an academic license as well as for the great support of the EasyCompany team.“

Kim Nokar & Maximilian Hallenberger, Ph.D. Stud., Geological Inst., RWTH Aachen Univ.


University of Milano  - Earth Science Department

"We have used EasyCore and EasyCopy to draw and correlate detailed stratigraphical sections of the Contessa  Megaturbidites (Marnoso Arenacea Fm., Italy). 59 sections with spacing in the range 2–8 km were logged over an area extending for c. 130 km along the foredeep axis (i.e. along flow) and c. 30 km perpendicular to it. (See preview and  click for  full size PDF)

Poster created by  Fabrizio felletti

We started from the original paper-based field logs. Subsequently, we have scanned and digitized them using Easy Core. Once the project parameters have been defined, the work has been relatively fast. EasyCore has proven to be a very user-friendly software; it presents many tools and utilities very useful for drawing and any procedures can be customized. In my opinion, the graphic result is much higher than many other commercial software. EasyCore has also been used to create a database of the entire dataset, starting from the digitalized logs. This database was subsequently used for a statistical analysis of facies variations. Finally, Easy Copy allowed us to create correlation panels, parallel and perpendicular to the palaeocurrent direction. I consider myself very satisfied with the use of EasyCore and EasyCopy."

Fabrizio Felletti, Associate  Proffessor - Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology